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When you are a member of a multi-platinum selling band such as Megadeth, life doesn’t really slow down much, even when you are 30 years down the road. Screamer Magazine alum ( he was a monthly columnist back in 1993) and Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson knows that all too well. While on a three week break from touring, Mr. Ellefson took some time to chat with the mag that he used to write for.

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Megadeth Cover Story

August 2013

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Housecore is also the name of Anselmo’s record label, on which his solo album, Walk Through Exits Only was released. Anselmo produced the album with Michael Thompson and wrote the entire record himself. Recorded in his own studio, Nodferatu’s Lair, the recording was definitely not a quick process, says Anselmo. “It took three years because I was in the middle of producing two separate bands and I was also in the middle of doing the last Down EP, so I was doing this thing in sections, in sessions. It was a lot of stop-start work. There are pros and cons to doing a record like that. Of course you never want to break the momentum, but we had to at certain points. But it also gave us time to reflect and to really listen to what we had.”

Phil Anselmo Cover Story

July 2013

Elusive Red Tiger Blog


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Brian Welch Cover 

May 2016

Shredders Book Review

February 2017

Brian “Head” Welch of Korn has certainly made waves in the music world, and not just for his songwriting and guitar skills or the success of the band he helped form. In 2005, he made headlines when he decided to leave the massively successful Korn after having found God. MTV covered the story when he was baptized in the Jordan River and Welch took on the life of a single father of his daughter Jennea and kicked his meth and alcohol habits to the curb. Die-hard fans found the news that their favorite guitar player had walked out on Korn hard to swallow and a war of words ensued in the media between the Korn camp and Welch.

Since the book is an oral history, the chapters are made up completely of quotes from interviewees, with the Introduction really being the only part “written” by Prato. However, it is clear from the answers he gets that Prato knows the right questions to ask to get his subjects to open up. He is also clearly a fan that understands the subject matter, which also surely helps make those he interviews feel at ease.

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